Cambridge, January 13, 2020: Xaar has launched its 5-step service for the evaluation of fluids for use in new product development and advanced manufacturing applications. The service aims to help companies establish the suitability of inkjet technology and fluids in new applications without incurring large upfront costs. To support the new service, Xaar has invested in a dedicated laboratory. This is equipped with a number of custom test rigs for sample production and fluid testing including a Notion Systems n.jet 3D printer.

Each new project starts with the initial fluid evaluation where guidance is provided on issues such as ink development and material compatibility as well as options for complex rheology testing and fluid physicals measurement. Stage 2 moves to jetting optimization encompassing printhead waveform configuration, alongside application and fluid optimization. Stage 3 involves actual sample production utilizing one of the custom test rigs. 3D and other advanced sample production is made possible using a Notions Systems n.jet printer and Xaar 1003 GS12 printheads. This Photopolymer Jetting (PPJ) machine is capable of printing layers between 0.0185mm – 0.0025mm taking approximately 6 seconds per layer, enabling features as small as 0.1mm.

Once samples have been produced, stage 4 moves to upscaling the development application, focusing on the provision of the relevant Xaar inkjet system. Stage 5 then completes each project through providing continued support and delivering application improvements, testing and advice.

“Inkjet technology is now highly relevant across a multitude of new product development applications, and we wanted to enable companies to be able to review the suitability of inkjet printing in their product development programs without the need for significant capital investment or upfront costs,” says Mike Seal, Xaar’s Business Development Manager, Advanced Manufacturing and 3D Printheads.

Xaar’s 5-step service is currently enabling companies to evaluate the jetting of fluids with high viscosities. Most inkjet printheads are capable of jetting materials with viscosities with a range of 10-25 mPa.s (10-25 cP). Now, thanks to improvements in Xaar’s unique TF Technology, fluids which have significantly higher viscosities can be successfully jetted through Xaar’s printheads.

“Providing access to our inkjet development expertise through our 5-step service helps clients get to market quicker by reducing their own development timelines and costs. From 3D printing through to functional fluid applications such as optics and flat panel displays, the possibilities and applications for inkjet printing are extremely diverse, and our dedicated team and 5-step service is here to support throughout each development project,” concludes Mike.


About Xaar

Xaar is a world leader in the development of digital inkjet technology. Our technology drives the conversion of analogue printing and manufacturing methods to digital inkjet which is more efficient, more economical and more productive than the traditional methods which have been in use for years.

We design and manufacture printheads as well as systems for product decoration and industrial 3D Printing which use our inkjet technology. We are the only truly independent inkjet technology company with over 25 years of know how.

We offer unrivalled inkjet expertise including technology and printhead design and development and manufacture highly customised product decoration systems and industrial 3D Printing for volume manufacturing. Our unique technologies and products are the leading enabler for innovation and for driving supply chain efficiencies for many industries.

Additional information about Xaar is available at www.xaar.com

About Notion Systems

Notion Systems is a German machine building company providing highly precise inkjet additive production platforms for electronics, semicon, display, and related industries. Notion supports the evaluation as well as scale-up to a reliable inkjet production process. In their latest n.jet 3D platform they integrate Xaar’s high laydown technology to provide full access for end users to this game changing technology in inkjet 3D printing.