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dalim software press ad

At the time this ad was created, very few workflow software applications were open, and most tied you into the software vendors’ complete, closed systems.

Every system boasted about all of the tools available to make life easier. We wanted to graphically explain that perhaps there was something even more sinister to competitive systems.

BASF Press Ad

Created this a while ago. This is the front page of a booklet that accompanied a direct mail piece—well, actually a box—targeted to flexo plate production managers.

Sales calls never got past the purchasing departments. We sent a limited number of these, which also included a very creative tape and a plate sample, directly to the production manager, circumventing purchasing.

How’d it work? It was very successful for the client, BASF, and it earned Irv Press—who was both a copywriter and the account manager—a Clio merit award.

PRISM MIS press Ad

Everyone talks about how their technologies can make the world greener—usually with recycling.

We challenged the reader with the simple idea that the easiest way to be green is to print only what’s needed.

Dawn Solar press press ad

Given the challenge to explain what was so different about a Dawn Solar thermal heating system, we realized it accomplished something no other system could.

We could see well-intentioned homeowners turned off by the thought of an ugly system on their roof. Forget about saved BTUs. The Dawn Solar system is built under the roof. No one ever has to see it.

GMG postcard mailing

Just a simple postcard idea in front of a tradeshow. Color management can be difficult—scary if put in the hands of the wrong person.

GMG software wanted people to know it can be easy, and did so by convincing people that even our friend here would be capable of running the software.

Blanchard Systems press Ad

The head and subhead says it all. The client wanted to acknowledge that they, like others, could offer 24/7 service protection.

However, because they do a great job implementing systems, Blanchard’s customers have little cause to even call with emergencies.

Mace press press ad

A large ad won’t be successful if the message doesn’t hit home. We created a few of these small space ads for Mace.

Turns out, they got more leads than they could handle.