XAAR 1201 opens up new graphics markets for Chinese OEMs

The superb print quality and versatility of the Xaar 1201 printhead is opening up new markets for Chinese OEMs in wide-format graphics – as recently underlined by the printhead’s presence on XuCheng’s stand at SGIA 2018 in Las Vegas.

Used in XuCheng’s PRIMO X3500 flatbed industrial printer, the compact Xaar 1201 printhead delivers a high level of print quality and performance. Designed for easy integration by printer manufacturers, it features 1280 nozzles that jet variable drop-sizes. These produce high-quality graphics and textiles on a wide range of substrates at an apparent resolution of up to 1440 dpi.

The Xaar 1201 printhead is also able to print one, two or four colors, and can handle a wide range of ink types including UV, eco-solvent, aqueous and dye-sublimation.

“The Xaar 1201 is vital to our PRIMO X3500 printer,” says James Zhou, General Manager at XuCheng. “It delivers high-quality, stable printing and its ink versatility allows us to better meet customer needs, meaning it can succeed not only in Asia, but also in countries like the US. We are very happy that, enabled by the Xaar 1201, the PRIMO X3500 could be shown for the first time at SGIA. This is a real milestone for our business.”

This success is driven by two factors: firstly, how Xaar and HaoCheng, the company’s master distributor in Greater China, work together to provide Chinese OEMs with the key resources (including training, electronics, inks and printheads) required to develop a printer; and secondly, HaoCheng’s full integration support. This model facilitates shorter product development cycles and reduces time-to-market, and has already contributed to the Xaar 1201’s impressive adoption-rate across Asia.

“The recent increase in uptake of the Xaar 1201 in Asia together with our partnership with HaoCheng is enabling Chinese OEMs like XuCheng to get ahead and move into other territories such as the difficult-to-penetrate US market,” comments Simon Kirk, Xaar’s Senior Product Manager for the Xaar 1201.


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