SOMA announces launch of SOMA Intelligent Service and SOMA Care

Comprehensive SOMA S-Cloud-based Intelligent Service provides a communications channel to receive quick expert press diagnostics and remote troubleshooting; is part of a new, complete SOMA Care maintenance program

Lanskroun, Czech Republic, January 31, 2022— SOMA (, producer of flexographic printing presses, plate mounters, laminators and slitter rewinders, is pleased to announce that they are rolling out their SOMA Intelligent Service and SOMA Care.

The web-based SOMA Intelligent Service platform is a comprehensive cloud solution that provides a quick problem-solving communications channel for every SOMA customer. It is made possible with SOMA S-Cloud technology that the company recently put into place. By connecting software and SOMA equipment to the SOMA S-Cloud, the company is able to develop and utilize intelligent functions that boost efficiency, minimize operator errors, and improve communication.

Service-related data is fed throughout the SOMA ecosystem using the SOMA S-Cloud. In case of a specific machine issue, the service request is delivered to SOMA’s service team using the SOMA S-Chat—a very expedient chat type of communication. The first reply is typically conducted within a short time of contact, offering expert diagnostics and remote troubleshooting. Subsequent communication is conducted via S-Chat. This will also provide critical failure spare parts dispatching if needed, and determine if a service team visit is required.

SOMA Intelligent Service also allows a number of files, pictures and videos to be shared from any S-Cloud connected device. Utilizing these media are other helpful tools such as a complete S-Chat communication history, online training videos and documentation, available retrofits, and more.

SOMA is also launching SOMA Care, its new service program designed to provide customers comprehensive maintenance, and which relies heavily on SOMA Intelligent Service for customer support. At the conclusion of the SOMA warranty period, a SOMA technician will visit and offer a number of SOMA Care package options. There are several programs offering increasing service, adding unlimited remote diagnostics, covered preventive maintenance visits, and services rate discounts, as programs progress from silver to platinum. A la cart service is still offered, but at less cost-efficient basic rates.

“SOMA is constantly aware that it is extremely important to understand the needs of our customers. It is necessary to properly evaluate dynamic equipment situations as they constantly evolve over time,” says Milan Papacek, Service Department Manager “With the help of SOMA Intelligent Service, we can collect all relevant machine information such as communications history or press supervision.  While we will always visit a customer when needed, to a good extent much of SOMA Intelligent Service is as effective as an onsite 24/7 SOMA service team. This, and our new SOMA Care packages, are great tools to help SOMA make our customers very happy.”


About SOMA (

Launched in the early 1990s, SOMA produces an entire range of machines, including flexographic printing presses, slitter rewinders, laminators, plate mounters and die cutters. All products are manufactured and assembled entirely in-house enabling the company to oversee all aspects of production and quality control. The company is committed to developing new products with added value and to providing long-term service and maintenance to ensure the longevity of its products.

SOMA serves an international market from its EU based facility in Lanskroun, Czech Republic via sales representatives and a distributor network.