GMG ColorCard receives prestigious 2020 InterTech Technology Award.

Hingham, MA USA (September 17, 2020) – GMG is pleased to announce that GMG ColorCard has received the prestigious 2020 InterTech Technology Award. Overseen by the Printing United Alliance, the InterTech Technology Awards have honored, since 1978, the development of technologies predicted to have a major impact on the graphic communications and related industries.

GMG ColorCard, also a recent winner of the 2020 Label Industry Global Award for Innovation for companies with up to 300 employees, is a cloud-based software solution to quickly and easily create and print color cards as visual ink color references based on advanced spectral technology. GMG ColorCard ensures that print results meet print buyer expectations. With GMG ColorCard everybody is able to create accurate drawdowns, anywhere, as many and as often as needed.

Until now, the process of creating “drawdowns”—the physical color samples produced to test customized inks for brand color matches—has been created with manual, outdated, conventional processes. The future of color references is digital, and GMG ColorCard will help to drive digitalization and eliminate analog processes in the ink kitchen.

GMG ColorCard uses a digital process that produces sample cards with just a few clicks in three minutes, has digital precision and repeatability, and does not require special expertise. GMG ColorCard shows the paper tint and structure, and predicts the dot gain and production tolerance, based on defined printing process parameters. Also, GMG ColorCard can effectively simulate how halftones will print on a press, unlike conventional analog methods. With GMG ColorCard, everything happens digitally, on the same card. GMG ColorCard can be produced on remote inkjet printers, completely eliminating the time and cost of shipping and sharing.

According to James Workman, vice president of technology and research for PRINTING United Alliance, the judges were swayed by the GMG ColorCard ability to take time and cost out of the workflow, since producing and sending out multiple drawdowns for evaluation is labor intensive. They also liked that the system ensures digital precision and repeatability, and importantly, doesn’t require special expertise.

“In addition to our dedication to color management science, GMG always looks for new applications where our expertise can make life easier for anyone in the graphics production supply chain. It’s what drove us to develop GMG ColorCard,” comments Rainer Schmitt, GMG Head of Strategy and Product Management. “We are thrilled that the PUA has acknowledged that GMG ColorCard has filled a void in the ink kitchen, and has awarded the product an InterTech Technology Award.”

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