DALIM SOFTWARE returns to NAB Show with a much more powerful DALIM ES DAM and collaboration system

Kehl, Germany, April 3, 2018

At booth SL15207, DALIM ES demonstrations will show media producers how it can unite all media project participants with a fast and scalable central content repository, efficiently managing review and approval processes.

DALIM SOFTWARE (www.dalim.com), makers of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, will participate, once again, at NAB Show, held April 7-12, 2018, on booth SL 15207 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company will demonstrate how its DAM and collaboration system, DALIM ES, can be used by companies to store, manage, locate, and drive media projects.

The digital media industry knows that technologies need to improve the speed and efficiency of creating and distributing audio-visual content for movies, television, advertising, online and mobile applications. However, media production and distribution remains a labor-intensive, high-cost and high-risk business: as technology has developed, the process has become even more complex.

DALIM ES is a collaborative digital asset production and management platform, offering services ranging from online approval to web-based production environment for all participants of the production cycle, including agencies, producers, stock houses, legal departments and brand owners. Each has their own areas of expertise and obligations. ES lets users plan, execute and control any aspect of media production, regardless of the final use of the output. This means not only the ability to support video files, but also to manage and drive them in an approvals-based business workflow.

“A lot has happened since we attended NAB Show 2017. DALIM ES received 10 Core Certification by former principals of the DAM Foundation Board—widely viewed as an elite status and recognition that the system satisfies the minimum ten characteristic requirements of a successful DAM system,” notes Frédéric Sanuy, DALIM SOFTWARE Director of Marketing and Enterprise Solutions. “DALIM ES was also identified as one of the Digital Asset Management vendors of the year 2017 by Mark Davey, founder of The Codified DAM Consultant™ (www.codifiedconsultant.com). ”That’s not bad for a newcomer among the long-established, broad range of solutions.”

DALIM ES allows users to:

• Store and easily manage and access video—or any form of existing and new content—with keyword searches

• Manage the complete collaboration process between all members of a ‘supply chain’ from the creation of a concept, through production, to distribution networks

• Provide the means to oversee rights and licensing fees, all connected to a business’s accounting systems

The DALIM ES video approval workflow includes a built-in transcoding tool for viewing on multiple platforms, and associated with a video approval workflow. The DALIM ES media viewer supports both video reviewing and sharing. Users can navigate frame-by-frame, or 5 by 5 frames, for more precise annotations. By referencing a format based on the popular ffmpeg video conversion library, users are able to transcode videos for different media. DALIM ES uses the most recent html5 interface, making it easy for users to access and use the system. DALIM ES API connector tools make it easy for other third-party production tools to be added for even more functionality.


DALIM ES also integrates with other powerful applications that will be exhibited at NAB Show. For example, many companies who finish a project want to store their content on media such as DVD, tape or other format for archiving purposes. Archiware P5 (booth SL15416) is a data management and security solution integrated within DALIM ES. Users can archive all their project video files at any time, driven by triggers and workflows; using expiration date as an example. By archiving in DALIM ES, users save storage space and money, keep everything in one place, and offer long-term preservation of digital assets.

The proliferation of broadcast and consumer types and formats can cause bottlenecks in the post-production and broadcast processes, tying up valuable kit and manpower. With Root6 Technology’s (booth SL7613) ContentAgent integrated within DALIM ES, the need for human intervention is eliminated by automating commonly performed tasks from camera card ingestion to delivery.

“For many years, DALIM SOFTWARE has been working with a diverse range of companies that help to produce and manage content under very tight deadlines. It is something that we are very familiar with and see a natural extension with broadcast media,” concludes Sanuy. “It is very exciting for us to demonstrate the capabilities of DALIM ES to drive video post production workflows. DALIM ES is a very efficient—and affordable—DAM solution to drive content and deliver a quick ROI.”


DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH, headquartered in Kehl, Germany, offers highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, focusing on globally operating companies in the media and communication industry.

Since 1985, the world’s most prominent publishers, publication printers, agencies and brand owners can be found among the company’s customers, as well as a variety of quality- and service-oriented premedia companies and printers of all sizes. They all utilize DALIM SOFTWARE innovative technologies to the fullest extent.

DALIM SOFTWARE produces the exceptionally productive, modular software engines TWIST, DIALOGUE Engine and ES, which offer specialized collaborative solutions for media content. Its fully customizable interfaces allow users to integrate into customer facing applications and seamlessly connect to business processes.