WaveGrip’s innovative and sustainable multi-packing solution is helping Massachusetts craft brewers Down The Road Beer Co. satisfy the growing demand for their craft beer cans.

Down The Road, founded in 2015, produces a range of craft beer for cans and kegs. Operating a brewhouse and taproom in Everett, MA, they are one of the fastest growing craft brewers in the Greater Boston area and this has meant an increasing demand for the brewery’s beer to be available in cans.

As part of the canning system installed by Palmer Canning, a WaveGrip G1 is currently in operation at the brewhouse, helping to pack a wide range of beers for distribution and takeaway sales. The G1 applicator is perfectly suited for growing breweries with its compact size of 55” x 31.5” and ability to run at speeds of up to 100cpm at a range of can heights ensuring room for expansion while remaining the ideal entry level packing option.

With the current output of the brewery being 80% cans to 20% kegs, the G1 is more than meeting the needs for Down The Road; with their output of 30,000 cans a week. The G1 is currently set up to pack 16oz cans which are then distributed in a 4-pack configuration, and currently operates at a speed of 52 cans per minute (cpm).

“When we were first looking at WaveGrip we thought it would be a great fit as we wanted a cost-effective solution that could meet our immediate needs to pack our beer cans securely, but also grow with us,” explains Donovan Bailey, Founder and Head Brewer.

“The G1 applicator hits the spot perfectly and the WaveGrip carriers are smaller and lighter than some alternatives on the market, so not only are we saving on both storage space and shipping costs, their environmentally friendly advantages are also a major plus for us.”

All WaveGrip carriers benefit from being lightweight and using less material than any other multi-packing solution. Together with their 100% recyclability and the option to use up to 50% recycled material, WaveGrip is the most environmentally sustainable flexible carrier on the market.

Commenting on the partnership Aaron McIvor, WaveGrip’s Managing Director said, “We are delighted that Down The Road chose WaveGrip to secure their growing range of beers. We work hard to deliver sustainable value to the craft beer sector and aim to ensure that WaveGrip productivity grows just as quickly as our customers do.”


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