WaveGrip, manufacturer of innovative beverage multi-packing solutions, has sold its G1 applicator to Lancaster Brewing Co. who will be taking delivery of the new machine direct from the CBC show in Nashville.

Lancaster Brewing Co. was founded in 1995 and unites an obsessive commitment to quality ingredients with equal measures of creativity, skill and experience, to brew consistently great beer that is seeing an increasing demand for the brewery’s 12 oz cans.

“WaveGrip’s G1 applicator ticked all the boxes for our multi-packing beer can requirements,” explains Pete Keares, Founder of Lancaster Brewing Co. “Its small manufacturing foot-print and cost-effectiveness per application, combined with the WaveGrip carriers’ sustainable benefits, delivered us an unbeatable solution.”

All WaveGrip carriers benefit from being lightweight and using less material than any other multi-packing solution. Together with their 100% recyclability and the option to use up to 50% recycled material, WaveGrip is the most environmentally sustainable flexible carrier on the market.

Commenting on the partnership Aaron McIvor, WaveGrip’s Managing Director said, “We are delighted that Lancaster Brewing chose the G1 to secure their growing range of canned beers. We have been overwhelmed by the interest in our applicators and being able to send the G1 direct from the CBC show to Lancaster Brewing is the perfect example how we are working to meet the multi-packing demands from our craft beer customers.”


About WaveGrip

WaveGrip is a multi-packing solution that enables beverage producers of all sizes to securely and efficiently collate their products. Value engineered to offer the lowest cost carrier on the market, WaveGrip provides an alternative that is stronger, more environmentally friendly and economical.

As part of the €4bn RPC Group, WaveGrip offers complete support at every stage in the specification and supply chain process, based from its Greenock headquarters and through its global OEMs and commercial partners.

Continued investment in world-leading manufacturing technology ensures WaveGrip keeps pace with ever-evolving customer multi-packing requirements. By combining the best raw materials with the latest manufacturing equipment, their advanced manufacturing facilities consistently deliver to customer expectations.