Dr. Eric K. Zeise joins Image Test Labs as Research Scientist

Dr. Eric K. Zeise joins Image Test Labs as a research scientist. In this role, Eric will contribute to new product development.

Will contribute to automating image measurements and applying new image measurement and standards knowledge at Image Test Labs.

January 15, 2020 — Image Test Labs (ITL), a division of Technology Watch, LLC, announces that Dr. Eric K. Zeise joins the organization as a research scientist. In this role, Eric will contribute to new product development.

“ITL discovers and invents new, practical image measurement products that measure all forms of printed images,” explains Henry B. Freedman, ITL founding partner. “To that end, there are few people in the world who have the skills and capabilities to complement our core ITL team. Dr. Eric Zeise is one of them. Eric has a unique expertise in developing new measurement methodologies to control printing processes. His experience in measurement systems automation, and advanced knowledge in the application of standards, will greatly enhance our core R& D efforts.”

Dr. Zeise earned a PhD in low-temperature condensed-matter physics from Cornell University in 1981 and joined the Research Laboratories of Eastman Kodak Co. He was instrumental in developing the 8-bit non-linear LED exposure control printhead architecture used in Kodak and NexPress printing systems from 1986 to the present; led the image quality analysis and evaluation group at NexPress for a decade; contributed color calibration and registration-control systems for the roll-fed Prosper production ink-jet press; helped devise micron-scale image stabilization techniques for flexographic micro-printing; and developed near-real-time on-line image analysis capability for defect and line-quality analysis. He served as convenor of the ISO working group on image quality evaluation for nine years and has led the development of four perceptually correlated, objective ISO image quality measurement standards. He retired from Eastman Kodak Co. in 2018 and has received twenty-eight patents.

In May, 2019 Dr. Zeise was also involved in ITL’s efforts to achieve an historic first in the printing industry by configuring an inkjet web press to deliver the image reproduction quality of a commercial sheet-fed offset press over a production run of three miles of paper.

At ITL, Dr. Zeise joins a distinguished roster of print technology scientists including Dr. Peter Crean, Dr. Peter Dundas and Henry Freedman. Dr. Crean is a recipient of the Robert F. Reed Technology Medal from the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts. Dr. Crean played major roles in developing some of Xerox’s best-known production print systems such as the first laser printer; the first CCD high quality, high speed document scanner; and Xerox’s iGen technology. Dr. Crean earned his PhD in nuclear physics from Princeton. Dr. Peter Dundas was a principal color scientist for Xerox, responsible for training the company’s worldwide corps of color  analysts. He holds a PhD in physics from Imperial College London and spent seven years in the Chemical Engineering department at MIT.

Henry Freedman, inventor and founder of ITL, is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology’s Printing Technology and Photographic Science and Engineering; an Eastman Kodak Scholar; a 3M Fellow; a Director of the Washington Chapter of the Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers (now IS&T); a Fellow of the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts and a National Science Foundation award-wining scientist. A third-generation Philadelphia printer, Freedman has published over 540 technical articles, has been the publisher of Technology Watch Newsletter for more than forty years, and holds patents and awards for several successful inventions. The ITL group is best known for the PIA InterTech Technology Award they recently received for the ITL Image Grader.

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