DALIM SOFTWARE to sponsor and participate in Henry Stewart DAM LA 2017 conference

DALIM ES, recently 10 Core Certified, provides collaboration and approval workflows to help produce and manage digital content in all media

DALIM SOFTWARE (www.dalim.com), makers of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, will again be participating as a sponsor at the Henry Stewart DAM LA 2017 conference held in the Loews Hollywood Hotel, November 14-15. As the West Coast’s largest conference dedicated to Digital Asset Management, Henry Stewart DAM LA 2017 provides a unique environment to exchange knowledge, experiences and build long lasting, professional networks. The conference examines through real world case studies, interactive panels, workshops, roundtables and tutorials, the latest thinking and new developments in the world of DAM.

DALIM SOFTWARE has been busy during the past few months. DALIM ES has performed well at the Great DAM Bake Offs at the Henry Stewart NY and Chicago conferences. DALIM ES has also received 10 Core Certification by former principals of the DAM Foundation Board. This certification is widely viewed as an elite status and prerequisite acknowledgement that a system satisfies the minimum ten characteristic requirements of a successful DAM system. At DAM LA 2017, DALIM SOFTWARE will demonstrate its latest edition of DALIM ES, version 5.5.

DALIM ES (Enterprise Solution) is a media production platform for marketing partners and media services companies—for example, studios, retailers, brand owners and their respective media service providers—in short, anyone whose responsibilities touch upon the media production process. It extends the productivity of digital asset management, making project management, collaboration and review of files even easier and faster, thus shrinking time to market. DALIM ES is used by companies to store, manage, locate, and drive omnichannel projects, from print to Web to video.

DALIM ES 5.5 enables fast approval cycles and easy collaboration. With DALIM ES, users can manage their campaigns as a whole, creating all components of the entire marketing mix—for example, including cross-links between media content and collateral materials.

  • Digital asset management (DAM) to organize content: Marketing projects must be supported by a wide range of assets, such as pictures, video, 3D, and HTML5 content. With 10 Core Certification, brand owners can organize, edit, and repurpose content as the single source of truth.
  • Fast and easy-to-use soft proofing: With tight deadlines and geographic separation between business partners, traditional proofing methods might not be suitable for efficient collaboration. Whether for reviewing and commenting on any digital media content, or creating a color accurate soft proof, DIALOGUE Engine helps to streamline approval cycles and to meet deadlines quicker. A new DALIM DIALOGUE Engine update within DALIM ES delivers advanced online softproofing technology—even on mobile.
  • 3D files: DALIM ES 5.5 lets users share 3D files and view, annotate, and visually compare differences between two 3D models. This helps to repurpose computer generated images—for instance, marketing communication projects for new products even before the first product prototype is produced, rather than conducting photo shoots.
  • Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality is trending as a widely used marketing tool. With the DALIM ES 5.5 connector to the Augment Platform, shoppers can simulate 3D virtual products in the real world, in real time, through their smartphone’s camera viewer.

The Great DAM Bake Off—once again

For the third time this year, at 3:00pm on November 14, DALIM SOFTWARE will participate in The Great DAM Bake Off, a forum to provide attendees with succinct, comparative presentations on the latest digital asset management solutions. Attendees help crown the “2017 Tastiest DAM” in a fast-paced, entertaining set of competitive demos. DAM vendors will present a series of short, focused demos (of the same features, so participants can compare apples-to-apples), showing how their systems address specific business use cases. Frédéric Sanuy, DALIM SOFTWARE Director of Marketing and Enterprise Solutions, will represent DALIM ES.

TechLab session: Improving brand consistency with an enterprise DAM solution

Also on Tuesday, November 14, from 1:05-1:35pm, Sanuy will conduct a TechLab session about ?’How to Improve Brand Consistency with an Enterprise DAM Solution’. DAM solutions are at the heart of the digital strategy of brands to improve time to market and constituency.

During this session Sanuy will cover:

  • Increasing productivity through collaboration and workflows making a DAM the repository of truth for the entire organization
  • Protecting the content of the brand and unlocking digital assets with rights clearance
  • Providing a new user shopping experience to manage content across new digital formats, including 3D, augmented reality, and video 360
  • How to be at the heart of the customer journey and synchronize all the right content across media channels
  • How to integrate all the entire marketing technology ecosystem using connectors and API Key Performance Indicators

Participating in the Roundtable

At 4:20pm on Tuesday, DALIM SOFTWARE will also participate in a roundtable discussion, ‘Could DAM software innovate your approach to product marketing?’. Any company knows that products are more than just objects. They are a representation of their brand. That’s why so much effort and investment goes into product marketing. However, many organizations find building and launching multichannel product marketing campaigns a challenge. One of the most common reasons for this challenge is that companies lack the digital file sharing software to easily manage campaign assets and roll out new materials. For a truly seamless approach to campaign development, companies need to look at the benefits of bringing DAM software into their businesses. DAM software can simplify this process and create a consistent brand image by storing important images, videos and files in a single, source of truth.

“DALIM SOFTWARE looks forward to showing off DALIM ES 5.5 at the DAM LA conference. Not only must a digital asset management system function as a centralized repository of all the assets of the organization; it also must be able to manage life cycle content from the project creation to distribution. Companies should be able to challenge their marketing automation workflows and leverage brand value, while producing a significant ROI from activities with their agencies,” says Sanuy. “We would be happy to discuss these challenges and to demonstrate how DALIM ES will help to meet a company’s expectations to manage content efficiently and cost-effectively.”


DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH, headquartered in Kehl, Germany, offers highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, focusing on globally operating companies in the media and communication industry.

Since 1985, the world’s most prominent publishers, publication printers, agencies and brand owners can be found among the company’s customers, as well as a variety of quality- and service-oriented premedia companies and printers of all sizes. They all utilize DALIM SOFTWARE innovative technologies to the fullest extent.

DALIM SOFTWARE produces the exceptionally productive, modular software engines TWIST, DIALOGUE Engine and ES, which offer specialized collaborative solutions for media content. Its fully customizable interfaces allow users to integrate into customer facing applications and seamlessly connect to business processes.