American Thermal Instruments launches Endicate, an easy-to-use electronic device to monitor time and temperature, to confirm product efficacy

The most accurate device of its kind assures exceptionally reliable information about temperature excursions during shipment and storage

Dayton OH, November 30, 2017 — Highly regulated product shipments present a challenge throughout shipping and storage. Product freshness and efficacy rely on a stable climate throughout the supply chain. In order to confirm that a delivery satisfies temperature demands, American Thermal Instruments ( has introduced Endicate, an electronic temperature monitoring device that guarantees the integrity of a product by providing reliable information about thermal excursions upon receipt of shipment.

Endicate provides the assurance a manufacturer needs to guarantee product quality. It has unmatched, consistent accuracy of ±0.5ºC (±0.9F) for all temperatures between -20°C and 70°C (-4°F -158°F)—which will protect the integrity of any highly regulated product.

Endicate is armed with four easily programmable high or low temperature alarms, for single excursions, and continuous or cumulative time deviations. It is deployed with the simple push of a button. The large LCD display is easy to read, and offers a clear indication if an alarm has been triggered. The operator gets a distinct, readable notification detailing whether the shipment is acceptable, or if a product has exceeded temperature limits during delivery.

The one-time use product has a shelf life of five years, with an operating life of about sixty days. For companies who are concerned about maintaining their brand identities, Endicate can be custom-labeled, and its adhesive backing makes it easy to attach to any product delivery.

“Endicate is unique because its outstanding accuracy assures that a manufacturer and its customers are protected,” explains Rob Snyder, Innovation and Integration Engineer at American Thermal Instruments. “We take our responsibility seriously. For example if, by exceeding a temperature limit for more than thirty minutes, a product becomes ineffective, we want to make sure that everyone is clearly aware. Endicate will allow our customers to make product efficacy decisions at point of delivery, with full assurance that their products meet the same exacting quality they had when they left the plant.”